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3 Types of Glass Shower Doors

Beautiful bathrooms make owning a home a relaxing and rewarding experience. After a long day of work, coming home to a warm shower can help to relieve your stress and worries. Showers come in a wide range of styles to match the unique look of your home. When remodeling your bathroom, one of the most important considerations is the style of your shower door. You should aim to select a shower door that compliments the design of your bathroom so that it looks complete while accentuating your personal style. There are several types of glass shower doors that can be purchased, so you should review all of the available options before making a selection.

Frameless Doors

Frameless shower doors use plain glass panels to give your bathroom a simple look. Bathrooms that have a modern design are ideal for frameless shower doors. However, frameless shower doors can look good in almost any bathroom that has been recently remodeled. Your bathroom will look new and clean when you install a framless shower door. One of the main advantages of a frameless shower door is relatively easy installation. Additionally, frameless shower doors look good almost anywhere in a bathroom, so you enjoy significant design flexibility when you use one of these doors.

Semi-Frameless Doors

Depending on the type of bathroom that you are designing, you may want to have a frame around your glass door. Thick frames can, however, look unsightly in some situations, so you may want to use only a thin frame when designing your bathroom. Semi-frameless bathroom doors have a large glass panel that is surrounded by a narrow frame made from metal, wood, or composite materials. Most semi-frameless door units are enclosed in a frame that is thicker than the frame bordering each glass panel. There are also some semi-frameless shower door products that have no frame around each glass panel but still have a frame that encompasses the perimeter of the door unit.

Sliding Enclosures

Sliding enclosures are showers that are packaged as one unit so that you can be sure you are getting shower components that match and look good. Many homeowners use sliding enclosures when they are remodeling an existing bathroom because these shower units do not require specific room dimensions for installation. In contrast, some ordinary shower doors are sold as individual units, so homeowners have to either build walls or purchase glass panels to complete their shower design. However, sliding enclosures are not inexpensive prefabricated units. Large glass panels and doors are installed individually when building a sliding enclosure so that your bathroom has a customized look that appears very refined.

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