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Abrasive Bathroom Cleaners to Avoid

When you clean your bathroom, you probably think that any cleaner will get the job done whether you’re cleaning the sink or cleaning the toilet. While there are a few cleaners that can be used on all surfaces, there are some that you want to avoid because they are too abrasive for the surfaces in the bathroom.

Products that claim that they have scrubbing bubbles in them to lift mildew, mold or dirt off of surfaces should be avoided. These products also include those that create a foam on contact or cleaners that are a dark color when they reach the surface and change to one that is lighter when the surface is clean. Most of these types of products contain chemicals that can irritate the lungs and have been banned in some countries because they contain more than the recommended amount of DEGBE.

Correctly Clean Your Bathroom

Don’t use a lot of aerosol sprays in the bathroom. This room in the home is usually the smallest in the house, and even if there is a window for ventilation, the fumes from the aerosol can could still irritate the respiratory system. Aerosol cleaners often have warnings on them about getting the product on your skin and clothing for good reason. These products can sometimes burn your skin and cause discoloration in your clothing aside from the health hazards that could be presented when you spray the cleaner in the bathroom.

You might think that cleaners with bleach in them or even Lysol cleaning products would be good to have on hand for the bathroom. However, many of these products are simply too strong to use in such an enclosed space. These products have high levels of acid in them and can irritate the skin or lungs if the fumes are breathed in while working in the bathroom. These products can also cause damage to the eyes. If the cleaners are used on colored surfaces, they can sometimes remove the color that is present.

If you’re looking for a safe way to clean the bathroom, contact Glass Castle. We have products that are not only safe for you and your family, but they will also clean all areas of the bathroom.

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