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Custom Glass Solutions in East Windsor, New Jersey

It’s time to put a new face on your home. You’re tired of your bathroom or you’ve outgrown it. You want a new look that makes a personal statement. You want glass!  A custom glass solution will immediately transform a room or a structure. You’ll instantly feel like you have more room and open space, even if you don’t enlarge the footprint. You’ll love how easy glass can be to clean and maintain…and you’ll be amazed at the virtually endless creativity that custom glass can offer. Whether it’s for your home or business, when you’re thinking about custom glass, come to Glass Castle.

At Glass Castle, our staff offers more than three-quarters of a century of combined experience to homeowners and businesses throughout Central and Northern New Jersey, including East Windsor Township, as well as Eastern Pennsylvania. Since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago, we have installed custom and/or prefabricated glass shower door/enclosures in more than 75,000 homes. Our staff designers look forward to hearing your ideas and working with you to create custom glass solutions for your home or business, whether it’s a new storefront that helps you grow your business, a custom glass shower door to brighten up your bathroom, or custom glass furniture for any room in your home.

To learn more about the services we offer or to ask any questions about custom glass creations, contact us by e-mail or call our stores in Neshanic Station (908-782-0812) or in Lawrenceville (609-530-1115).

A New Glass Shower Enclosure—Contact Glass Castle for Custom or Prefabricated Solutions

Does your bathroom feel like a dungeon? Do you struggle to keep your shower doors clean? Get rid of that old shower enclosure and go with glass. You’ll feel like you’ve doubled the amount of space you have. You’ll also appreciate the ease with which you can clean and maintain the shower.

As long as you’re going to replace that old shower enclosure, why not take a little extra time and create your own shower door, something that makes a personal statement? At Glass Castle, we are committed to helping you design and install a “one-of-a-kind” shower door. We’ll come to your home first, so that we can see what your space looks like and what you might be able to do.  We’ll take the time to measure everything and identify where your load-bearing walls are, so that we can determine the best location and orientation for a custom glass shower door. We will:

  • Confirm that you have adequate structural support for a glass shower door
  • Identify the optimal location and trajectory of shower heads, so that you reduce the risk of water on the floor or surrounding areas
  • Determine whether you have sufficient ventilation and air flow to prevent the accumulation of moisture, mold or mildew. If not, we will tell you what you need to do to alleviate this problem.
  • Notice your personal style and tastes to help us design a shower enclosure that is uniquely you

At Glass Castle, you can also choose one of our many prefabricated glass shower doors. Because we maintain a large inventory of attractive and elegant pre-made shower enclosures, you’ll typically find one in stock that fits your existing space and matches the style and decor.

At Glass Castle, We Make Glass Shower Door Installation Simple  

At Glass Castle, we have a large staff of experienced custom glass technicians and always carry a large inventory of 3/8” and 1/2” glass shower door enclosures. We can usually start your project within days or weeks of your design approval.

For a free quote on the cost of any type of custom glass project, call us at one of our stores or contact Glass Castle online.

Create a Custom Glass Storefront for Your East Windsor, New Jersey Business

Here are just a few of the benefits of replacing your existing storefront with a custom glass creation:

  • Glass will naturally draw the attention of potential customers—As a species, we are naturally curious. Glass feeds that natural curiosity. When people can see what’s going on inside your store, they’ll want to step up to the window and watch. That makes it easier showcase who you are and what you offer.
  • Glass lets you be more creative with your displays—With a glass storefront, you can put merchandise or services in natural settings, and you can put more goods and services in front of people. You can highlight sales items, introduce new products, and provide other useful information, so that potential customers know more about you, your business and your goods or services—the more they know, the more likely they’ll be to purchase your products.
  • Glass is more energy efficient—With a glass storefront, you typically spend less for heating and cooling
  • Your property value will be increased—Historically, businesses with glass storefronts have a higher fair market value

At Glass Castle, we work with new and existing businesses to design and install custom glass storefronts. We are committed to using the highest quality materials while staying within your budget.

Let Glass Castle Help with All Your Custom Glass Needs in East Windsor, New Jersey

We will provide a free estimate of the costs of any glass project and we offer a price match guarantee—we’ll meet or beat any price from another glass installation, design and repair company. Our store is open weekdays from 8 am until 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 8 am until 1 pm.

To learn more about the wide range of luxury and custom glass products and services we offer, from shower doors and mirrors to windows, storefronts and door glass, or to ask any questions about glass repair or replacement services, contact us online, come to of our showrooms, or call us at 908-782-0812 in Neshanic Station or at 609-530-1115 in Lawrenceville.

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