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How We Cut Glass Without Breaking It

From mirrors and table tops to shower doors, glass is a common feature throughout many homes across the country. Have you ever wondered how professionals can cut and shape glass into these common objects without breaking it? Professional glass workers have a variety of tools and techniques at their disposal to turn glass into the works of art that permeate your home. Here we will discuss five tools used by professionals in the glass industry.

Five Tools Used to Cut and Shape Glass

More than finesse is required to successfully cut and shape glass into usable household objects. This process also requires skill and a few special tools to make the job easier.

Cutting Tables

Cutting tables provide several essential functions that are useful during the process of cutting glass. Although there are several types of cutting tables on the market today, they all serve some basic functions. First of all, they provide a sturdy and safe place for the glass cutter to work comfortably. Secondly, they have rulers along the edges so that proper measurements can be taken as the glass is cut to the desired size. They also include additional accessories that allow pieces of glass to be safely separated as needed. Finally, they have mechanical guides that allow the glass to be cut accurately at a fast rate of speed.

Water Cutters

Water pressure cutting is a technique whereby high-pressure jets of water are used to cut glass. This is a preferred method for many professionals because it gets the job done quickly and the water serves to polish the glass at the same time.


Lubricants are not always required to cut every piece of glass. However, professionals realize the importance of having lubricants available for times when the job requires the use of one. One of the most common lubricants used for cutting glass is kerosene.

Glass Tongs

A variety of glass tongs are available today. All types of glass tongs are heavily padded so that glass can be handled without placing stress on it and causing damage or cracks. They come in many different sizes and also protect the glass cutter from burns and cuts when dealing with heated glass or glass pieces with unpolished edges.

Polishing Agents

A wide variety of items can be used to polish glass depending on the item and the desired look. The cheapest and most widely available glass polishing agent is traditional sandpaper. For coarse polishing, wet sand is sometimes used to polish glass as well.

Glass is a common feature throughout many homes today. Glass products not only provide functionality but they also serve to add to the beauty and grace of your home decor. From glass shower doors to intricate mirrors, you will want the glass work in your home to reflect your personal taste. At Glass Castle, we provide a wide array of glass products to meet your needs. If you are in need of any glass work throughout your home or office, contactour team of professionals at Glass Castle today to find out more information regarding the products and services we provide.

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