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Bathroom Organization Tips

Are you making the most of your bathroom storage space? Getting clutter organized and out of sight makes room for the pretty stuff. Here are some ideas for keeping things tidy:

• Storing bulky towels is always problematic. Take advantage of the back of the bathroom door. You can mount two to three additional towel bars there. Another idea is to partially fold towels and finish them in a tight roll. Store them on end in a pretty basket by the tub.

• Keeping long objects like toothpaste, brushes and combs in a drawer wastes space. Group them in tall containers that you can store in a cabinet or under the sink.

• Purchase some adhesive, flat-sided containers to stick inside cabinet doors. Get several different sizes for organizing hair elastics, manicure tools and other items that tend to wind up any old place. Just be sure to arrange them in a way that allows the door to close.

• Even the smallest drawers benefit from drawer organizers. They come in a wide array of materials and sizes, and many have adjustable compartments. Cosmetics, lip balms and everyday jewelry stay organized, and you can see what you need at a glance.

• Don’t waste your wall space. Sturdy floating shelves or cubbyholes are terrific for holding guest soaps, rolled washcloths, candles or matching jars. A hanging cabinet with doors is better for first-aid supplies and personal items.

• Borrow good ideas from the kitchen. Invest in a couple of lazy Susans. See if the cabinets under the sink can be fitted to accommodate shallow drawers that roll out. Shelf savers keep dead space to a minimum. The three-tiered kind works just as well for nail polish as it does for spice jars.

• Install ornamental hooks. The back of the door is an ideal spot for keeping bathrobes handy.

• Think carefully about what you can store under the sink. Leaks happen, so the lower cabinet isn’t the best place to put clean towels or cardboard containers. It will work for wrapped toilet tissue, cleaning supplies and other items that won’t be damaged in the event of a plumbing problem. Cleaning supplies are easier to manage when grouped in a bucket or plastic container with a handle. Keeping them together also makes it easier to take inventory.

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