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The Benefits of Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Maybe the shower is the place where you start your day. Maybe it is your destination to unwind after work. No matter when you use your shower, it is one of the most functional and relaxing areas in your home. This is why it is worthwhile to invest in your shower to make it as good as it can be. One way of doing this is with a frameless glass shower door.

Showers are usually enclosed in one of two ways. Some showers use a curtain, which is cheaper, but others use glass to enclose the space. This glass is especially durable, minimizing the risk of cracking or breaking with normal wear and tear. Some glass may be framed with metal or plastic when it is installed, but for an elite look, frameless glass is definitely the way to go.

The main advantage to frameless glass is its appearance. With no frame, the glass truly becomes a focal point. It is a sleek look, which is especially popular in modern design. The streamlined appearance seems more sophisticated than other alternatives, which can give your bathroom the ambiance of a spa. Moreover, frameless glass adds instant value to your bathroom, making it a good investment for resale.

Frameless glass also makes your shower door easier to clean. Although frames are cheaper to make, they create small crevices at the edge of the glass. Even the metal itself can be harder to keep from tarnishing. Both of these factors can make the shower door look dingy. Frameless, on the other hand, can retain its top appearance for years to come.

There are different options when it comes to frameless glass. In some cases, you may pick a single pane of frameless glass to serve as the door for your shower. For other showers, however, you may want to use multiple panes of glass to create an entire shower enclosure. The more glass walls you add, the more decadent your shower will appear. Other variations include sliding doors, corner units and more.

You should also remember that not all frameless glass looks the same. While some people prefer the look of clear glass, you can also get textured or colored glass for your shower. You can get textured glass that looks like rain, bubbles or other subtle patterns. Finishes are available in chrome, copper, brass, bronze, gold and much more. This range makes it easy to customize frameless glass doors for any bathroom.

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