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Best Ways to Keep Your Glass Table Scratch-Free

A glass table is a beautiful addition to any room of the home. However, glass is often easier to scratch than other materials. If you have any kind of pests in the home, such as mice or ants, then you might notice more scratches and tracks on the glass table. A professional company like Glass Castle can use products to keep the surface smooth while keeping pests away from the home.

Instead of using an ordinary glass for the table, use tempered glass. It’s been tempered so that it stands up to scratches a bit better than other types. If there are any stains on the glass, remove them carefully and with the proper cleaners and materials to prevent scratching the surface. Use glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the best results. Don’t use a paper towel because it can scratch the glass. Soapy water is good to use as well if you don’t have any cleaner as well as balled-up newspapers. Don’t scrub the glass no matter what you use as this can leave everything from scratches to streaks.

In order to keep your glass table surfaces free of scratches, you need to do what you can to prevent them. Don’t put items on the table that are abrasive or that are heavy. These can damage the glass or even break it if the items are heavy enough. Avoid leaving books and toys on the table as well. When you put cups on the table, use a coaster to keep stains and rings from forming and to prevent scratches that might occur because of the base of the cup. Don’t put any hot plates, bowls, or cups on a glass surface without some kind of mat under them as heat can weaken the glass.

If there are scratches on your glass, you need to try to remove them as soon as possible to keep them from settling into the glass permanently. Nail polish remover works well if you don’t have glass cleaner as well as brass polish. You don’t need to use a large amount of any kind of cleaner on the surface because it can be difficult to remove the product unless you continue rinsing your cloth or unless you use multiple cloths.

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