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Top Glass Designs for Shower Privacy

When you’re taking a shower and there is a glass door instead of a curtain, you want a design that will offer the most privacy. You could install a glass that is opaque, which keeps other people from completely seeing into the shower, but there are other design ideas that add class and personality to the bathroom. When you’re installing the glass door and working in the bathroom, consider contacting Glass Castle for assistance with the installing as well as solving issues with pests that might call the bathroom home.

Etched glass is an option that allows you to have almost any design on the glass. You can choose a design of something that you enjoy seeing, such as butterflies or flowers, or a design that matches the walls or decorations in the bathroom. A panel that you can slide offers a way to allow natural light into the room if there is a window near the shower instead of blocking out light that filters through.

Another idea to consider is to hang a shower curtain. This doesn’t usually take a lot of effort, and you can get a simple one that doesn’t cost a lot of money and that offers privacy from the outside world of people who enter the bathroom. You can leave the shower door open with the curtain in place or close both the curtain and the door while you’re in the shower.

Add color and design to your shower door by applying window clings to the glass. You can use any kind of cling on the shower door that you would use on a car window or other windows in the home. A benefit of this design is that you can change the clings at any time to reflect decorations for holidays or when you want to see something different in the bathroom. Frosted doors are an option that you might want to keep in mind as well. This is a modern design idea that also offers the same look of clear glass but without providing a way for others to see into the shower while you’re in there.

To learn more about how we can help install, clean, and maintain your glass shower doors, be sure to contact Glass Castle.

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