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How to Get Glass Windows Ready for Winter

As the weather gets colder, you want to make sure that you’re ready to brace the frigid temperatures. Unfortunately, windows can make it much harder to provide the right amount of insulation for your home.

Simply put, windows are notoriously terrible for protecting the interior of your house from outside temperatures. Although they provide a lot of benefits (i.e., airflow, natural light, aesthetics), they are liabilities when it comes to winter weather.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure that your glass windows won’t be as much of a problem this year. Here’s what we recommend.

Insulation Film

Although windows allow you to look out at your surroundings, how often do you take advantage of that fact? Also, consider how easily people outside can peer into your living spaces with an unobstructed view.

With insulation film, you can add a thin barrier between your windows and the harsh weather outside. However, they do create a cloudy texture to the surface, making it look like frosted glass. In some cases, that may be a downside, but chances are that it won’t impact you very much.

Rubber Seals

Although the glass itself is terrible at keeping the cold weather out, usually the culprit is the space between your windows and the frame. Over time, gaps can develop, which means that cold air can seep in unobstructed.

To alleviate this issue, you can install rubber seals around the window to plug these holes. Assuming that you’re not going to be opening the windows during the winter months, these seals can provide significant relief. However, when removing them, be careful not to damage any paint or coating on the frame.

Thick Curtains

Typically speaking, the best way to prepare your windows is to treat them directly. However, if film or rubber seals seem like too much of a hassle, then a quick and easy way to mitigate the problem is to use thick, insulated curtains.

The benefit of doing this is that you can enhance the overall look of your windows while getting a practical benefit. Also, you can adjust the amount of light and cold air that seeps in, simply by opening or closing the curtains themselves.

Cellular Shades

If curtains are too much, then these shades can also do the trick. The benefit of these models is that they even let in light, so you don’t have to worry about darkening your interior when insulating your windows. The downside, however, is that they can be relatively expensive.

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