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Popular Types of Glass Used in Commercial Settings

Glass and corporate settings go together like a horse and a carriage. Glass is beautiful. It provides workers with light along with durability and security. There are many different ways glass can be utilized in a commercial setting, whether it is for style, function or even creativity. Allow us to explain some of the most popular and unique types of glass you can buy for a commercial building.


Plexiglass is a very respected type of glass in the corporate world, simply because it cannot shatter. Plexiglass can be used for doors, windows and walls throughout the commercial space. In the event of a break-in or a freak accident, instead of breaking into numerous pieces, the glass with either remain intact or fall out in one piece.

Plexiglass is crystal clear and see-through, just like normal glass. Plexiglass is also used in aquariums and is made to stop or deflect bullets.

Frosted Glass

One of the most popular types of commercial glass is frosted glass. Frosted glass gives the glass a frosted effect, making anything you see on the other side blurry. Frosted glass has many different purposes, including adding style and function to a commercial building.

Frosted glass always provides a nice backdrop for corporate imagery displayed throughout the building. Your logo always looks good when it is in front of frosted glass, and there can be multiple different places where your logo might go in your building for great commercial photography and videos.

Secondly, frosted glass is ideal for office spaces that are most productive when working in privacy. Because what you see if blurred on the other side, you will not have to worry about coworkers breathing down your neck and looking at what you are doing from outside of your office.

Tinted Glass

Are you somebody that finds glass rather boring because it is clear and colorless? That is no longer an issue with tinted glass. Tinted glass can also serve a couple of helpful purposes.

Tinted glass, primarily, can help reduce glare. If the sun is in your eyes every day, or there are just too many shiny things inside your office, you can incorporate tinted glass to prevent intense light from harming your eyes.

Tinted glass can also be a cosmetic addition to your office or building. Tinted glass can be made in virtually every color and can add depth to any area that you want to look impressive to visitors.

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