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Three Signs That You Need to Replace Your Glass

From its practical applications to its ability to enhance your interior spaces, glass offers many benefits. While the material is durable, it’s not one that will last forever. Because it may not be apparent when it’s time to replace your glass, here are three signs to help you make the determination.

Visible Blemishes

If your glass tabletops are starting to develop deep, visible blemishes, it’s time to consider replacing them. Excess scratching causes the glass to lose its luster. The reason behind this is that in addition to scratches showing, they also collect grime, which builds up over time.

Chips are another visible blemish that indicates it’s time to replace your glass tabletop. In many cases, chips are a sign that the glass may have deeper damage. Glass tabletops are typically manufactured for safety. This means that instead of shattering, they will chip away. Consider replacing them before chipping begins.

Discoloration or Cloudiness

When it comes to glass shower doors, discoloration, cracks, and cloudiness mean that it’s time for new ones. If the door frame and rail tracks have developed rust, then you should also consider replacing your shower door. Over time, rust will form on shower door frames and rail tracks because these areas come into contact with water every time you bathe. Limited ventilation and moisture also cause mildew and mold to grow, which may damage shower door frames. Keep an eye on the way that the door closes. If it doesn’t close tightly or no longer fits properly, then it’s time for a new shower door.

Damage or Warping

Windows that are damaged, broken or warped should be replaced. If your windows are not closing properly or if the seals have failed, then it’s time to invest in new ones. Condensation forming between the panes and hearing outside noises clearly are other signs that your windows are not providing the protection that they should be.

The Benefits of Replacing Glass

Along with gaining glass that gives your home a fresh appearance, you’ll also have a product that functions properly. For instance, new shower doors will not only look nice, but they’ll also close properly. When it comes to windows, in addition to enhancing the curb appeal of your home, they’ll also operate with greater energy efficiency.

Let the Experts Handle It

If the glass in your home is less transparent than it should be, let the experts at Glass Castle handle it. Our professional technicians are trained to determine whether the glass in your home can be repaired or needs to be replaced. From the glass in your bathrooms to the glass that keeps the elements out, we can repair or replace it. If you need glass installation service, then call us at Glass Castle.

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