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Protecting Your Shower from Hard Water Stains

While it isn’t harmful to your health, hard water is often an irritating problem, one that can damage your sinks, bathtubs and showers. Water is considered hard when it contains high levels of dissolved minerals, which are usually calcium and magnesium. When these minerals are present in water, a film may form on the inside or outside of any home appliance that comes into contact with it. If you permit the buildup to continue, it can turn into a hard crust.

Stop Hard Water Stains from Forming with Prevention

When your shower develops hard water stains, it’s almost impossible to return it to its original unblemished state. You can eliminate the residue, but the hard water minerals may cause etching, and this damages the glass. Prevention is the best way to protect showers from hard water.

To prevent hard water stains from forming, consider purchasing an inexpensive squeegee, and store it in your shower. Use the squeegee after every shower to remove the water from the walls and glass. This step stops hard water stains from forming. Wiping the inside of the shower down with a microfiber towel after each use will also protect it as will spraying it down with a shower cleanser formulated for daily use.

Sealer Works Too

Sealing your glass shower doors and walls is another way to protect it from hard water stains. This type of product seals the pores of the glass to prevent hard water damage. Several different types of sealing products are available. For instance, you can purchase one that will clean and seal your shower while another type protects glass from hard water stains for as long as six months.

After the Fact

While daily cleaning and protection are best, in some cases, you may wind up dealing with hard water stains after they’ve already formed. Chemical-based products are one way to go, but this can cause more damage to a class surface. A few home remedies may do the trick.

Try a water and vinegar solution. To make one, combine equal parts vinegar and water into a clean, empty spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the shower. Then, let it sit for several minutes. As you wipe away the mixture, you’ll also remove the hard water stains.

Lemon juice is another home remedy that can remove hard water stains. If you decide to use lemon juice, just spray it on your shower, and let it sit for about 10 to 15 minutes. When you wipe it off, the hard water stains should disappear.

Prevention is Best

It’s easier and cheaper to prevent hard water stains from forming than it is to attempt to remove them later. To stop the development of hard water stains, you may need to embrace daily maintenance or apply a sealer. A home remedy may be all that you need to get rid of stains that have already formed. If this doesn’t work and you need shower door installation services, be sure to call Glass Castle.

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